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Need Help With VRay Lighting?

Finally a good school for architects and interior designers that want to learn how to make realistic 3D Renders. will teach you the most advanced tips and tricks that only PRO 3D Artist use.

IT's 7 trainigns with yearly subscription + Personal Forum Support.

You can get PROFESSIONAL feedback to your 3D works and Learn by Doing!

Join us today - and start learning from the PROs'!
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Stills Production App on Android and Apple devices

VRay Stills Production on iTunes
Google Play

LEARN to setup you interior scene by using HDRI Maps.
"Hollywood" Productions Pipeline for Arch. VIz.

Complete workflow for creating
Photo-Realistic 3D Renders with
3DsMax VRay and Photoshop + Plugins.

All videos are downloadable for Apple users 

-Take this Video Training everywhere you GO!

Easy to follow, step-by-step procedure,
print screens and detailed text explanation
about VRay HDRI Lighting & Rendering!

Get it today on iTunes and Google play TODAY!
- And be the first to PRODUCE High-End 3D Stills

Sunday, December 23, 2012

VRay Post Production App

Professional Post Production self-training app for architects, interior designers and 3D artists, that want to make realistic looking renders!

Training Content:

1. Introduction to Photorealism – how you should work – Linear vs. Exponentail

2. Few words about V-Ray Passes – elements that any final image exists from

3. Basic color correction – which is necessary to do before you start combining passes

4. Exclusive color correction – personal development of unique method for correcting image by using “blending modes” in Photoshop

5. Breakdown into “Groups of use” – how you can use V-Ray Passes in Photoshop

6. “Simple Six” exercise – basic passes combination from 6 passes

7. Advanced passes combination – how to assemble 15 V-Ray Passes

8. Ambient Occlusion – 2 techniques for rendering AO pass, by using manual way or by using AO plugin

9. Getting Photoreslistic look – chromatic aberration, vignette, film grain, soft edges, out of focus, DOF, lens distortion, bokeh effect – examples shown with plugins and 2 additional programs that will make out your 3D renders “REAL PHOTOS”!

10. Colorization and style – additional techniques for personal style development, you will chose what works foe you at the best and use it to define unique “Style & Look” to your images – color processing, LAB color correction for print, Photoshop post production and combination of color correction methods, Photorealistic lens distortion plugins

11. Special add-on to this manual – Making of “ROLF BENZ VERO” – detailed explanation of how you can work with 3Ds MAx and V-Ray in order to create realistic looking 3D Scenes from reference

12. 6 Hours of LIVE – V-Ray training Recorded Webinars – we went through a lot of exclusive methods and you will see exactly how I’m correction student images in order to achieve realistic results.

So, If you want to do 3D images much better than others and take your Renders to the next level of PHOTO-REALISM, this app is for you. 

Press the link below and get it TODAY!

Get it on iTunes – Click Here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VRay Basic Lighting DVD - VRay Training DVD

VRay Basic Lighting DVD - VRay Training DVD Basic Lighting DVD From the beginner to advanced - VRay Lighting techniques in 12 Video tutorials will teach you how to create realistic lighting with VRay 3Ds Max and Photoshop. VRay Basic Lighting - DVD Content - 12 Video Tutorials: 01 - VRay SkyPortals - 04:30 02 - VRaySky Lighting - 10:24 03 - VRayPhysCam - 12:44 04 - VRay White Balance - 14:00 05 - VRay Rendering Settings - 24:03 06 - VRay Materials - 10:13 07 - VRay Custom Texture (Photoshop Brushes) - 17:31 08 - VRay Shader - 12:50 09 - VRay Passes Combination - 50:51 10 - 3Ds Max Floor Generator - FREE Plugin - 13:08 11 - Post Work with Looks Builder - 41:18 12 - VRayHDRI Basics - 03:09 BONUSES: 1. MAKING OF FRENCH SCENE - pdf file. Making of French Scene 2. French Scene - 3Ds Max VRay Model with complete Rendering, Lighting and Camera settings. 3Ds Max VRay - French Scene This fundamental knowledge is a must for any 3D Artists - Learn from the best to be a professional VRay Artist. Get this DVD TODAY! and Join our VRay Community of PRO's.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Key to 3D success APP - on iTunes

Hey this is amazing to see how technology develops in to something incredeble!
And it's a great pleasure to be on the edge of such development :)

Ladies and gentlemen I'm proud to represent the FIRST VIDEOeBook
AND the FIRST VRay Training APP that being ever made!

Actually this is the only existing VRay App on iTunes!
With the help of this app you'll be able to grow your business and learn PRO Tips and Tricks - that were made specially for 3D Artist.

Most Pro's like to keep these secrets to them selves - I actually open them in front of YOU
Get this app here - and join the fist pioneers top lead the architectural Visualization industry, in to the Bright Future!

Just remember this - If you wanna do it Right- DO it like a PRO!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Key to 3D success 2.0

PRO 3D Knowledge can be Copied! I LEARNED IT from the BEST MAN in the house.
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This is all about having the right KNOWLEDGE and using it PROPERLY!

Why do you think it takes so long to get THERE? To become a PRO?

Well, simply because you don't have a MENTOR to follow.

That can be ME :) Making it EASY for YOU to Learn!
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And this INFO will take YOU there faster than doing it Alone!

Use my 8 years of Knowledge to JUMP above others.

Take a JOURNEY with VRa
y Master Class 2011.

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Monday, December 13, 2010 Christmas SALE 75% OFF

Hey Hows it going? Christmas spirit is inn the AIR! and I want to thank everybody who was folllowing me and letting me help them to improve their 3D works through my exclusive trainings.
So here it is, CHRISTMAS SALE 75% OFF
on PHOTOSHOP POST WORK and "Key to 3D success my eBook + 3D scene

I wish you a happy holidays and a good year!
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