Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post Productional Photoreal Plugins

Hi all, as i continue to discover more ways to make images more photorealistic, I've decided to share some info about this wonderful plugins for PS.
Color correction and passes combination done in my old weird way and now it's time to get some real post production touch.

With the help of Knoll Light Factory plugin, I've added lens blur effect for the sun light that comes from the window,
The rays that this plugin creates is a bit strong in my taste and got radial structure, here lenear would work better.
I'm sure that you can get better results just playing with parameters.

Used PT Lens for chromatic aberration, tell you the truth was not that satisfied with the result.

So I fixed it with 55mm Digital Film Tools plugin, that gave me the most reasonable results, off course I've add some Film Grain and Vignette, played a bit with some film filters that this wonderful plug has to offer.

Here is the big resolution of the final image.
Enjoy !

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